This is an artwork by Eoin Ó Conchúir.
Medium: Photos
Date: 17/04/2024 (may be approx.)
Dimensions: not recorded

Bás ar na gCosáin

Death on the Footpaths

Warning: Images of dead birds and animals.

Every spring, the birds get active. Frantic, even.

They’re building, preparing. Then feeding and teaching. Then feeding and guiding.

It’s a treacherous time of life. It’s young and it’s vulnerable.

Spring, especially, is a time of death for the birds. Of false starts. Of slashed promise.

We might prefer not to see death around us, but it’s there to see.

Most of these photos are from spring or early summer. They’re evidence of death that has taken place.

This blackbird was folded back unnaturally. Thankfully one of the less gruesome scenes.

Dismembered body parts show sings of struggle.

The young birds are vulnerable, and many end up on the footpaths rather than reaching adulthood.

Blood and guts remind us of what’s underneath.

Only later did I realise this bird was possibly still breathing. My phone had captured a couple of seconds video with the photo. It seemed like the bird was still breathing.

The beautiful colours of the bird’s feathers match with the multi-coloured pebbles of the footpath.

This sparrow seemed to have a better location that the hard concrete, amongst the grass and daisies.

This male sparrow flew into my window and died in my back garden.

And of course, some roadkill. This bird’s feathers were light and airy whilst their owner was long-dead.

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3 responses to “Death on the Footpaths”
  1. Anna avatar

    It’s very sad to see such little naked birds and other animals exposed to early death, left to themselves.
    Those photos convey how important theme is death, inseparable part of life. And how fragile and unpredictable life is at the same time.

    Go raibh maith agat, Eoin.

    1. Hi Anna, a chara, thanks for responding. It’s a sad sight to see, yes. At least it’s a reminder to us.

      1. Anna avatar

        I can see your new photos of these beautiful pigeon and tiny sparrow…
        Indeed, by mere observation of nature we can realize we’re part of it, we’re in it.
        Thanks Eoin for drawing attention to the theme.

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